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Toy Con 2012

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PART 1 - Overview

SHOOT and SCOOT PH was at the Toy Con 2012 last June 16-17, 2012 to cover this much awaited convention of the year for all fans of toy and comics from both American and Japanese influences.

As usual, it was held at the SM Megamall Megatrade Halls, and this year's convention came with a special emphasis on Warner Bros' upcoming movie - Batman : The Dark Knight Rises. The actual Batsuit that Christian Bale used in the movie was on display at the Batman booth, and it was really a crowd magnet at the event. Anyway, I will show you more of that later.

Lots of toys, comics, cosplayers, and FREEBIES were there.


There was also an exhibit of sculptures and action figures of all sizes of super heroes and super villains from both influences. Even Manny Pacquiao and Panday were also immortalized in some of those sculptures and action figures. Well, of course, I will show you the photos later.

Many notable personalities were also at the event, specially the one and only Alodia Gosiengfiao. Filipino rock band Kamikazee has also performed there together with other bands and performers.

PART 2 - The Exhibit

Although the selling area was saturated with the Batman movie promotion and other DC Comics characters, the sculpture exhibit was dominated by Marvel Comics characters. There were some Superman and Batman figures there, but you could always find the Hulk, Wolverine, and Captain America from any angle of the hall.

Here are some sculptures of the Hulk from the exhibit.


Here is an old school Wolverine piece.

A Weapon X Wolverine in the foreground and an X-Men Classic Wolverine at the background.

Here's Wolverine in the likeness of Hugh Jackman from the X-Men movie series.

Other Marvel Comics characters that were visible at the exhibit.

WAR MACHINE together with the Philippines' very own PANDAY (not Marvel of course).

If the United States and the Philippines go together to a war, it might look something like this, metaphorically.

The IRON MAN Mark 1 Suit

CAPTAIN AMERICA in matte and glossy finish. Take your pick.

THOR comics version and movie version

SPIDERMAN - Kids these days wonder why Spiderman was not included in the movie about the superhero group Avengers

Well kids, Spidey is not really a member of the original Avengers group, but he is a member of THE NEW AVENGERS. Better watch out for that because there might be a sequel for the recent Avengers movie.



There were also many non-Marvel characters at the exhibit starting with the G.I. Joes and their AH-6 attack helicopter.

Some Street Fighters were also there; however, I have not seen or I may have missed any Chun Li that was displayed around.

Some of the DC Comics characters

SUPERMAN being a man

Finally, one of the eye catchers of the exhibit. Our very own PANDAY in the likeness of the late great FPJ.

Aside from the exhibit gallery, the selling area had a very notable display of merchandise with a wide array of influences. This made shopping and drooling very hard to resist.


(in the likeness of Robert Downey Jr.)

Japanese action figures from Astroboy to Dragonball Z characters were popular to kids of all ages present at the convention.

More Marvel characters in the house.



Dark Horse Comics' HELLBOY

The protagonist from the James Cameron movie Avatar - Jake Sully in his avatar / Na'vi body

Even real world action stars were already being sold as action figures there.


(Above) Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Dwayne Johnson in their Expendables 2 gear

(Below) Kung Fu icon Bruce Lee

 And of course, who doesn't know this face?


As in Manny Pacquiao, the boxer turned politician.
Not the arcade game made by NAMCO

I wonder who is next in line to be made as an action figure, maybe Coach Freddie Roach or perhaps Jinkee Pacquiao. NO, maybe it's The PAC MOM / Mommy D!

Well, who knows? (ting!)

Anyway, here is another eye candy at the convention. As promised -


Pardon me for the glass reflections. I haven't got any Hoya CPL filters yet. I hope someone could sponsor that. Thanks in advance!

PART 3 - The Cosplayers -

The whole 5th level of SM Megamall Building B was full of cosplayers since DAY 1 of the event. While some joined the cosplay competition inside, most were outside the Megatrade Halls posing for photographers and being crowd-friendly.

The coplayers were divided into both the American and the Japanese influences. There were lots of characters from Marvel and DC; however, the cosplay scene was still dominated by anime and manga characters. There were also game and movie characters there, but still, most cosplayers were inspired by the Japanese animation and comic culture.

(Below) The Avengers was one of the favorite groups at the event.

 (Below) Anime and manga inspired cosplayers


Mr. Satan in Dragonball Z English version or Master Pogi in the Tagalized version
"Mah-lah-kasss hakkoh!"


A more traditional costume


Cosplayers who were brandishing gigantic "blades" were just casually posing around to photographers.



One of the most awesome characters at the event.

Captain Jack Sparrow

 (Below) The moment when I first shot Captain Jack Sparrow with my "Canon"

After I fired my "Canon," here's what this pirate told me (please follow link below) ---

One of the highlights of the cosplay competition ---
When Bumble Bee, Megatron, and Optimus Prime danced to the tune of HAGIBIS songs


All in all, the event did not fail to please its target audience. Goers were actually more than satisfied and most even had hangover after 3 days of culture overload. Congratulations to the organizers and everyone that has been part of Toy Con 2012.

More freebies next time!

See you in 2013. If the world still exists. =)


Toy Con 2012
SM Megamall Megatrade Hall
June 15-17, 2012

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