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Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines - December 2011

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I managed to snap very limited shots of Legazpi City, my hometown, when I had a brief holiday there several months ago.

The summit of Mayon Volcano (Mt. Mayon). Traditionally known as "Daragang Magayon" which literally means "Beautiful Maiden"

(Left) The peaceful plateau of Kimantong in the neighboring town of Daraga

(Right) Domestic flights, such as this one, descend over Kimantong and a bird's eye view of Legazpi City welcomes the eyes of those on board  these flights.

(Below) These are two of the commercial airlines serving domestic flights to the city. There are other airlines which provide services, but I haven't managed to take shots of them.

(Above) The Legazpi City domestic airport on a regular day. On a busy day, other aircrafts such as single-prop planes, private jets, private helicopters, and military aircrafts, share the airspace, the runway, and the tarmac with the regular traffic.

A foreign tourist is stunned by the beauty of Daragang Magayon. I have personally seen this guy staring at the view in this posture for about an hour.

There are many prominent tourist spots, spectacular festivals, exciting adventures, fun nightlife, and a whole lot more in and around Legazpi City. From its red peppers, green villages, to its blue volcano. There is no doubt that COLORS are More Fun In LEGAZPI CITY, so I hope to take more photos on my next visit.

(Right) The famous lighthouse of Legazpi City which resides in the city's premiere waterfront mall - the Embarcadero de Legazpi

As of a couple of days ago, South Korean pop group, or more popularly called K-Pop group, 2NE1 has been spotted in Legazpi City and in neighboring towns by some of our local blogger brothers down there while the group was having a minor shoot and some R&R in one of the finest resorts in the province of Albay.

This is truly a manifestation of ALBAY RISING!


Legazpi City

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  1. Next time you are in town, go up to Legazpi highlands (Estanza) and shoot some great panoramic views of Daraga, Old Albay, Mt. Mayon, the City and the Gulf. Estanza is the future high-end suburb of Legazpi, away from the sea and Mt.Mayon's harm ways.

  2. I'll take note of that. I've seen many awesome photos shot from Legazpi City's higher grounds and I would like to have my own shots from that vantage point too. I would really love to go up to those areas soon. Have a nice day!