Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Ibalong Festival 2012

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SHOOT and SCOOT PH sends its greetings to all of its friends in Legazpi City who are celebrating Ibalong Festival 2012.

From August 3-31, 2012, the Bicolano epic "Ibalon" comes to life in the Ibalong Festival 2012. This festival started several decades back and has been celebrated yearly in Legazpi City and in the whole province of Albay eversince. Now, the whole region takes part in the festivities, and everyone is welcome to join the revelry.

I was walking around SM Megamall this afternoon when I saw this merchandizing material at one of the entertainment centers there. This specific character may look like a hybrid between Medusa and a reptilian, but this character exists in the Ibalon epic. This character exactly depicts the likeness of Ibalon's ORYOL.

Ibalon is an "EPIC" epic, and the Ibalong Festival is an "EPIC" event that everybody (Bicolano or non-Bicolano) should celebrate!

Come to Legazpi City and experience the hot and spicy hospitality of the Bicolanos.


Ibalong Festival 2012
An "EPIC" Epic

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