Tuesday, August 7, 2012


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How do cleaning companies take care your mattresses and/or upholstery?

SHOOT and SCOOT PH was invited for a demonstration to know the answer.

Here are the steps of the process -

STEP 1 : They use a very powerful vacuum device.

This is not your ordinary household vacuum cleaner. This "beast" is the mother of all vacuum cleaners. This uses a very powerful motor that can suck up more undesirable elements from your mattress and/or upholstery than your ordinary vacuum.

In addition, this one has a special feature that ordinary vacuum cleaners do not have. This one has a built-in UV lamp that, of course, emits UV light.

What's the big deal about it?

UV light knocks down dust mites and bedbugs so it is easier for the machine get them. The mites and the bugs lose their grip on the fabric since they are unconscious. Thus, getting them becomes a really easy task.

This feature is not in your ordinary vacuum cleaner.

This came from half of the mattress in just one run.

The suction power of this "beast" in one run.

STEP 2 : They ask help from bubbles!

I am not talking about the super heroine Bubbles of The Power Puff Girls, but instead, I am talking about liquid solutions that can remove and dissolve stains.

After spraying the solution, cleaning professionals use a device similar to a massager. This device helps create bubbles and foaming that easily remove the stains by thoroughly circulating the the solution in and out of the fabric.

Then, they vacuum the foam away.

The cleaning professionals are at work here.

STEP 3 : They nuke 'em! / burn 'em!

Some cleaning agencies use other special devices that can't be found in the ordinary household. This device, a bigger UV lamp, emits a more powerful UV light  compared to the built-in lamp of the vacuum.

This device will completely sanitize your mattress and/or upholstery.

With one turn of that key, this device will knock down and kill surviving dust mites and bedbugs, if there's any. 

The "EMP" device detonated!

This acts out like an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) to the dust mites and bed bugs. This knocks them down once and for all, or if they're strong, this device knocks them over and over again until they expire.

Remember the movie Matrix Revolutions? Using this device is like how they used the EMP against the sentinel "squids" at Zion's dock.

Anyway, here's a closer look at the UV lamp.

Cleaning professionals leave this device turned on for about half an hour to make sure that they can guarantee their work. You can tell that the machine is working when the room gets a little stuffy. Cleaning professionals say that it is normal, and we have to vacate the room for a while. The smell will be gone in a few seconds after the device is turned off.

Now, if people can't stand that stuffy situation in the first 3 minutes, what more for the dust mites and bedbugs getting exposed in it for 30 minutes?

Anyway, it's worth the wait, thus, making sure of a clean and hygienic mattress and/or upholstery.

And that's good for you to know.


Nuke 'em!

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  1. nice post .... where can we get a emp uv lamp like the one show here ?? ... thank a bunch

  2. not sure where exactly, but the device is made in south korea