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20th Defense & Sporting Arms Show Part 1

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Lots of people have been going to the 20th Defense and Sporting Arms Show like there's an impending ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE (Z-Day). Guns, ammo, and tactical gear have been selling like pancakes, so it's a gun show like never before.

Anyway, here are my favorites in this part of the 20th Defense and Sporting Arms Show this year. I have also considered these weapons to be part of my arsenal just in case there is really an impending zombie apocalypse.

Let's start.

This would be my standard side arm, if ever.

The Ruger GP-161 .357 Magnum

MAGNUM as in the cartridge, NOT the popular ice cream stick .

Sometimes, we have to see that the glass is half-full. Therefore, we must still have fun during Z-Day. I found this rifle to be suitable for plinking zombies or "walkers" in broad daylight.

The Armscor MIG 22

Yes, it's a MIG 22 but not a fighter jet after the MiG 21 (if there's one that exists after MiG 21), rather 22 as in .22LR caliber cartridges.

It also features a Picatinny-style rail where we can put various types of optics; however, thermal optics would be useless if you're gonna be shooting zombies since they do not emit body heat. A night vision scope would rather be useful for night-time zombie plinking.

There's a sample of this rifle at the other side of the Armscor booth (front side, near the entrance) which exhibit goers may handle personally. For me, it felt like I was carrying a CheyTac Intervention M200. I felt like Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) in movie Shooter, but that's just only me.

Moving on.

Handguns, specially semi-automatic pistols, of various brands and calibers have flooded the entire exhibit as this is the most ubiquitous and the most popular type of firearm among civilians and law enforcement officers.

On a zombie apocalypse, a shooter must fire a double tap or should fire around 5 shots to knock down a "walker" when using a 9mm pistol.

That takes a lot of time.

In order to save precious time, why not use this?

The Heckler and Koch (HK) MP5

This little baby, a sub-machine gun, can fire 9mm rounds in single shots, in three-round burst shots, or in full auto if you wanna get nasty. There's more time for running now.

Shotguns are a must during the big day. These guns can literally blow someone's mind (or brains, perhaps). Having a shotgun during a zombie apocalypse is like having an underwear on a daily basis. You will never feel good and safe without it. This type of gun makes a good home defense for everybody even before the Z-Day arrives.

Armed (yes, that's the brand) shotguns from Turkey is everywhere in the exhibit.

I was actually looking for a folding-stock Remington 870 (well, I might have skipped it), but these Benellis will just do fine

Shotguns are not only reliable but they are also very affordable. In fact, I could trade-in my camera for around 2 to 7 pieces of these boom sticks, depending on the brand. I have actually seen one that was priced around 11,000 pesos only.

Assault rifles are also good weapons of choice during Z-Day. Here is one of my favorite assault rifle next to the M4.


The TAR-21 or the TAVOR

I finally managed to get clean shots of these babies.

In the crib with the Tavor, its older brother, the GALIL, shares audience as it is now modifed and produced as the GALIL ACE.

The M4, the TAVOR, the GALIL, and most of NATO standard assault rifles are chambered for the 5.56 round since NATO members and major non-NATO allies conform to a very comprehensive Standardization Agreement, also known as STANAG. This will allow the allies to share and use the same ammo and magazines during combat operations.

However, on a Z-Day, the 5.56 is only as good as the 9mm. Shooters still have to set their rifles to three-burst or full auto when disabling zombies. Therefore, there's a need for an ammo that has enough stopping power on a semi-auto setting.

I also passed by the (Philippines's) Government Arsenal's booth and I think they're preparing for the Z-Day too.

The M16 is the standard rifle issued to all branches of Philippine military forces and it fires the 5.56 round. Now, the GA is developing a new rifle that may look like and may feel like the M16, but it fires the larger and the more powerful 7.62 X 37mm Musang round, almost comparable to the AK-47 ammo type.

The MUSANG Rifle

This rifle can be fired in semi-auto or in full-auto mode. According to a man at the GA booth (he's probably the Public Information Officer / Public Relations Officer (PIO/PRO) of the Government Arsenal at the exhibit), this rifle will be mass produced soon, around 2014. He also said that the accuracy would never be a concern since compensation was employed to the ammo through the use of a new and a compatible barrel. This means that a better equipped Armed Forces of the Philippines will emerge victorious against rebels, foreign aggressors, and zombies on Z-Day.

The 7.62 ammo (7.62 X 51mm) is also used by the famous M14, M240, and M60 weapon systems; and, according to my Preparatory Military Training (PMT) commandant when I was in high school, this type of round can penetrate the trunk of a fully grown coconut tree. I don't know if that's true, but I trust the man.

A belt of linked 7.62 ammo (with tracer rounds) for belt-fed systems such as the M1919 and the M60 machine guns. My friends and I used to collect the empty 7.62 shells and its ammo links from the M60Ds of the UH-1H helicopters that lands occasionally in a military / police installation in our city. We used to play with them as makeshift windpipes or used them as an essential part of a firecracker device.

Thus, in that capacity, it may mean that this type of ammo can kill two (or more) undead "walkers" in one shot. Interesting! I just wonder how powerful it is during Z-Day if I use it in an "old but gold" machine gun.

The M1919

This will pave your way out of a zombie infested area as long as you don't run out of ammo. If you're ammo runs out, then you're just another fresh meat being delivered by itself.

Sounds terrifying?

Wait 'til you hear the roar of this next machine gun that I'm about to show!
This heavy baby's noise will definitely become music to your ears.

Remember RAMBO 4, when John Rambo rescues his comrades and takes out an entire army with this?

The M2HB (Heavy Barrel)

This is a crew-served weapon and is usually vehicle mounted. This one fires .50 caliber rounds which is powerful enough to penetrate/pierce most light armored vehicles, such as APCs.

This is also the standard armament of the Philippine Army's Simba APCs, M113 APCs, and other APCs. This is also the standard armament in most the V150 APCs that is scattered in all branches of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police - Special Action Force (SAF).


if you're the one being rescued by this gun, its roar will be music to your ears. It's like the angels singing Handel's "Hallelujah!" in chorus.

But wait...


Well, here is one "primitive" weapon that may just save your lives during Z-Day.

The humble BLADE

Never underestimate the power of the machete (or of any bladed weapon).
This weapon will never ever run out of ammo.

This is always a MUST on Z-Day!

If not, you just have to wait for RESCUE.

Just like this -

Now, if you want to select items for your personal arsenal before Z-Day comes, you still have 2 days to shop at the 20th Defense and Sporting Arms Show Part 1. The exhibit and trade fair is up until July 23, 2012 at the SM Megamall Megatrade Halls.

Just a word of advice from CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA)

"If you're ready for a zombie apocalypse, then you're ready for any emergency."


For photos of the
19th Defense & Sporting Arms Show Part 2



20th Defense & Sporting Arms Show Part 1
July 19-23, 2012
Guns, Guns, Guns! Guns Galore!
Zombie Apocalypse / Z-Day

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