Monday, July 16, 2012

New 1000-Peso Bill / Rare Commemorative 1-Peso Coin

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New 1000-Peso and 500-Peso bills are not as common as the new 20, 50, and 100-Peso lower denomination bills which make them a "collectors" item as of now.

This crispy, fold-less, and new 1000-Peso bill, with serial number A248243, had passed through the hands of SHOOT and SCOOT PH several weeks ago.

I'd rather spend it than keep it. After all, that's what money is for - spending, specially if it's a large denomination. Besides, these new bills are going to be very common in the future.

This rare commemorative 1-Peso coin was issued as a tribute for the 150th birthday of Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal.

Unlike the new bills, which are going to be very common soon, this coin is worth keeping since the Central Bank of the Philippines has minted only limited copies of these.

Anyway, I have more commemorative bills to upload here soon, such as my commemorative 100-Peso bills for the University of the Philippines's (UP) Centennial, my commemorative 200-Peso bills for the University of Santo Tomas's Quadricentennial, and so on. Most of them are still in mint condition.

Collectors are welcome to make a bid ;-)


New 1000-Peso Bill and Commemorative Coin for the 150th Birthday of Dr. Jose Rizal

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