Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fishing in Nuvali

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We have been to Laguna and Cavite areas a few weeks back to tour a foreign friend around, so we took the advantage to drop by at Nuvali, in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

The weather was really fine as soon as we arrived, and it got better when we got to the most interesting spot for me there. I bet that a bunch of you will find it interesting too.

Nuvali boasts a man-made lagoon which is probably one of the big attractions for visitors as of now. And take a look at what it has - tons of Japanese Carp or Japanese Koi!

So, I went FISH-ing.

It is not like fishing with a rod, a line and a hook, or with a net, but this is actually a word I coined for this experience only.

fish + watching = fish-ing

Visitors can also buy fish food to feed these "hungry" fish. Once you start sprinkling the food over them, there will be a very spectacular moment when the whole population rush towards the food. The fish food may cost you 15 pesos, but the look in your face will definitely be priceless.

These are the only photos I can share from Nuvali for now as I was not able to take more photos for the blog anymore since I was really busy shooting personal photos and videos of our guest and the entourage. Anyway, I still have this voice inside my mind that says "Go back there and take more photos for the blog as soon as you can."


Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines

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