Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The First WiFi Bus(es)

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This was a hot news in the tech scene several months ago. The Philippines already has its first WiFi buses. Many netizens were happy of this news since they can virtually stay in the cyber world even if they are in a long-haul trip overland. There are many sub-developments that can improve the experience of being online while on the road.

I think one of those is that the bus units themselves should employ redesigned / re-engineered seats that have computer units installed. The design for bus seats with "embedded" computer units may not be around yet; however, the technology and the materials already exist. It only needs a little imagination on the process.

A WiFi bus in EDSA Ortigas

A rental computer unit in a leading convenience store in the Philippines. Try to visualize that the person using it is seated in a WiFi bus.

Imagine if convenience store rental computer units, such as in the photo above, are installed behind each seat of a WiFi bus. Installed as slim and as sleek as possible, as ergonomic as possible, and as sturdy as possible, then, it will be the dream bus of all netizens.

Another thing that may please commuters, specially of long-haul trips, are charging stations for mobile devices (like the one shown in the photo in the right) that are installed at the back of the seats. Product developers just need a little "moonwalk" on how to make it smaller in order to fit the bus seats.


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